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About Us. 

JPA Masonry is a Trusted and Experienced Masonry Leader in the Poconos.

We are Knowledgable and Highly Skilled in our Field. 

Our Vision.


JPA Masonry is a family-oriented business. Not only are we physically building up the community, but we are giving opportunities within the community by employing our workers and subcontractors. We get a chance to give everyone a piece of the pie. We're not only expanding our porfolios but building relationships with our team members. We all grow together in the community that we cherish and raise our families. 

Company Profile.


Although established in 2001, Contractor and owner, Joseph P. Amantea (JPA) has almost twenty years of experience in the masonry field, including custom stone and design. Precise customization with exceptional results. Exceeding customer's expectations is our normal standard.

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